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Are you looking for a reliable content provider that you can trust? A team of American writers who can consistently supply you with focused and coherent articles? Articles that you can just post on your website without any major editing?

Contentful is here to take care of your content needs.

We understand that being successful online is like a constant juggling act, managing web content publishing, SEO, and social media (among all other little nitty-gritty things). We are here to help you create relevant content and grow your website into a valuable digital asset that thrives for years to come.

High-Quality Service to Grow Your Business

Regardless, if you are using SEO, PPC, or social media channels to drive traffic to your site, you need solid content to get in front of your visitors. If you are focusing on SEO, this content also needs to satisfy the search intent of the visitor. This way you can provide value to your website visitors and they can begin to trust you. Some of them will come back to your domain in the future. Some of them will buy something from you or through your affiliate link. Some will fill out your lead form or join your newsletter.

Agency Ran by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers

We can supply you with well-researched articles that read well and are optimized for search engines. Our team has over 10 years of experience in building websites, ranking them in search engines, and turning them into lasting money-making properties. Our services have helped hundreds of clients.

Our Wealth of Experience Enables Us to Write for Virtually Any Client

Our team has knowledge and understanding of various types of businesses and different verticals to help you succeed.

Our content is perfect for:

  • Publishers and affiliates (Amazon Associates, Google Adsense, etc)
  • E-commerce/online store sites
  • Local small businesses
  • Marketing agencies
  • Lead generation websites
  • SEO content sites
  • Guest blog posts

Articles That Bring Value for Years to Come

Our goal is to provide you with as timeless of content as possible. Of course, this greatly depends on your niche and keywords, but we will do our best to ensure that your content is relevant and serves you and your website for years to come.

Key features of Contentful

Deep Research

We write sophisticated and well-structured articles that signal to search engines that your website is an authority on this topic. We can add relevant source links in our content.

Legitimate Information

We strive to be truthful in all the content we write. We believe that being honest increases the chances of long-term success.


No one wants content that is hard to read. We avoid complex sentences unless we really have to use them.

Proper English

We avoid misspellings and grammar mistakes in our articles. We currently employ only native writers from the USA and Canada. Most of them are educated and have at least a Bachelor’s degree. We use Grammarly to edit our content.

SurferSEO: Match and Exceed

Choose Premium Plus package and we will use SurferSEO suite to analyze your top-10 ranking competitors and will optimize your content to match and exceed your competition.

Avoid Over-Optimization

We do not stuff your keyword in the articles. Instead, keywords are strategically placed in your articles.

Packages & Pricing


High-Quality SEO-Optimized Articles

with Thorough Research


/100 words

  • High-Quality SEO-Optimized Articles
  • Answers Search Query Intent
  • 100% Native American Writers
  • Custom Requests
  • Thorough Research
  • Unique Content — No Plagiarism
  • Human Proofread and Edited
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Support Through Client’s Dashboard

What Type of Articles Can We Write?

We can write pretty much all types of articles, from informational niche articles to content for your local law firm to top 10 best buyer’s guides and review articles for Amazon affiliate sites. If you are ordering Amazon affiliate buyer's guides, our team can select and rank the best products in your niche in order to create an article that can turn page views into conversions.

Can You Update Our Existing Articles?

Nowadays, it is increasingly important to ensure that content is updated to the latest information. If you are an Amazon affiliate, regular updates can make sure that your buyer's guides list only relevant products that are available for sale today. We can certainly help you update your existing content. We can re-write parts of your articles or we can add new content depending on your requirements.


Regular turnaround time is 10 business days or less. If we have a lot of orders and expected TAT is longer, we will let you know right after ordering.


There are no refunds. We offer an unlimited number of revisions until you are fully satisfied. If we are not able to create content for your topic, we will refund your money and cancel your order.


We cover most niches, we avoid gambling, adult, illegal, etc. If we do not like your topic, we will refund your money and cancel your order.

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I've ordered around 8,000 words of content so far and have been impressed at every step of the process.

Initially there was an issue with one writer but I was quickly informed of the situation and that a new writer would cover my order. I received my order shortly after. Communication on a whole has been great.

As for content quality, this is one of the best content writing services I've used here, especially at this price point. I run all my work through ProWritingAid and there isn't a lot of editing to do.

The content is dependable and I'll continue to order. Great service.




Communication: Good - my request was quite specific and required quite a lot of research to deliver. Contentful asked questions when they were not sure exactly what I wanted instead of blindly having content created, which I liked as it means I get exactly what I want.

Quality: Excellent - There was a lot of technical information that needed to be conveyed in this article and the writer did a top job in getting this across in a way which flowed and did not read like a spec sheet. Really impressed.

Conclusion: Very impressed and would recommend to others.




I asked for a 500 word article, the seller provided 650 which was a nice start. The content itself is excellent. I'm always skeptical when I see "American writers" but I do actually believe they are in this instance.

The content reads really well, and is grammatically perfect. This is Grade 1 content.

The topic itself required some research as well (it was about the Amazon affiliate program) and this appears to have been done very thoroughly.

I'm very impressed and I'm happy to share the URL with anyone looking to see the quality. 10/10 :)



The Main Factors in SEO: Content And Backlinks

We all know that in SEO there are two main contributing factors: content that you post on your website and inbound backlinks that point to your site. Ideally, both content and backlinks should be high-quality to be able to pass manual reviews by search engines.

If you are spending more money and time on your website’s backlinks than you are investing in the content and development of your site, you are probably not thinking long-term and risk tanking your rankings during the next search engine update.

Content is King and Off-Page Optimization is Queen. They are like two wings of your website. Both wings are needed in order for your site to rank high and succeed. Content provides the appropriate essence for your web property and offers value to the users, while backlinks signal to search engines that your content is valuable. High-quality backlinks can definitely help drive your property up the search engine position rankings (SERPs).

If you cut corners, the content will be low-quality and will offer barely any value for the visitors, the site will not rank in search engines for long, no matter how many great backlinks it gets. Thus instead of spreading your efforts across 20 low-quality online projects and hoping for something to rank, it is best to focus on one or two sites and do it right.

Take Content Creation Seriously to Thrive in Future

If you have been monitoring the SERPs at all in the past few years, the authority websites that are truly doing well, all publish a ton of content every week or every day. These guys have either:
  • - Achieved a complete topical dominance of one niche.
  • - Covered virtually every keyword possible in multiple related niches.
  • - Dominated a whole broad topic with all niches and keywords related to that topic and are now valued in tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

People Expect You To Have High-Grade Content

Gone are the days when you can just slap a keyword-stuffed article on your site and rank it. Nowadays, search engines have gotten much more sophisticated. They employ both machine-learning algorithms and manual reviewers to check your website’s legitimacy.

The big websites get richer and the small ones continue struggling at the bottom. The SEO landscape has been changing for the last decade to favor bigger, more authoritative aged sites. They rank better in the majority of niches.

On top of that, most consumers have gotten used to seeing high-quality long-format articles on the Internet. As you have probably experienced by now, low-quality content neither ranks high nor converts well.

This is where Contentful comes in to help you handle the ever-increasing complexities of building authority websites that make money in the long run.

Quality Content Creates a Positive Feedback Loop

Quality content makes users spend more time on your website and visit more pages on your website. Search engines track these statistics to decide whether your page is answering the user’s query intent and provides a quality answer. If a user spends a long time on your page, search engines can decide that you deserve to be moved up the SERPs for that particular keyword. If most of the searchers click back to the search engine after spending just a few seconds on your pages, the search engine sees your website as not very helpful.

You get the gist. Search engines utilize simple self-learning algorithms which create a feedback loop and ensure that the best content rises to the top. This further reduces the weight and importance of backlinks. So simply by having more high-quality articles answering the intent of the searchers than the competition for that particular topic, you can gradually come to be the dominant force in your niche.

Hurry to Seize the Opportunity and Start Building Your Authority Site

Imagine the SEO landscape by the year 2030. The bigger established sites are likely to become even more efficient at finding and covering thousands of long-tail keywords. It is easy to imagine that it will be extremely difficult to become successful with a new website by the year 2030. This is why it is important not to waste time and while there is still an opportunity, it is time to get busy building.

The Size of Your Site Matters

So now it is more important than ever to become productive and get legit content flowing your way. If you already have a website or multiple sites, you want to grow them not only in age but in size as well. A number of pages of unique content matters.

Use Keyword Research to Target Low-Hanging Fruit

Finding as many keywords as possible to target is very important to fully realize the scope of your niche and to get as much traffic to your website as possible. We prefer to use a bottom-up approach on our sites, where we initially target the easiest Keyword-Golden-Ratio (KGR) type of keywords and then go after more competitive terms as our sites mature, gain authority, and search engines' trustworthiness.

Huge Opportunity Is Still Here

Keyword tools like Ahrefs have greatly improved their ability to find long-tail keywords in recent years making it relatively easy to find hundreds or thousands of keywords in most niches. There are still many long-tail keywords that have low competition and virtually no articles targeting them.

Build Successful Websites to Sell Them Later

A website with a lot of high-quality content designed to answer the searchers' intent is bound to generate consistent traffic and income. Websites with a consistent income are actively sought out by many online investors and can usually be sold for 30-45 multiples of monthly income.

Income-producing websites have become a sort of new-age real estate. Website valuations have been appreciating in recent years. If five years ago you could expect to get around 25 times your monthly income, nowadays this number has gone up significantly. As more and more people continue to look for ways to make money from home and be financially protected from lockdowns and economic uncertainty, the prices for money-making websites are likely to keep going up.

So it has never been as lucrative as now to build and sell income-producing websites. Articles and content have become a building material necessary to develop 21st-century online real estate just like lumber and concrete are required to develop residential and commercial real estate.

Everything Is Possible If You Keep at It Long Enough

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years. Long-term vision and dedication to your success are extremely important in online marketing. Let our Contentful team of American writers help you build and grow your online assets!

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